Queen’s campaign for Bombay Sapphire is on air

Queen.gr of DPG Digital Media Group created a campaign for the premium gin brand Bombay Sapphire, and it is officially on air. Following the brand’s motto “Stir Creativity” and through Queen.gr, the leading women’s digital destination, the campaign aims to unlock creativity in every form, always in combination with the brand’s uniqueness.

Creators from different fields are presenting unique artworks, inspired by the summer, the light blue of the sky and the sea and the signature blue of Bombay Sapphire Gin. Talk-of-the-town pastry chefs Evgenios Vardakastanis and Ioannis Kikiras, up-and-coming musician Ermis, amazing ceramic artist Evi Geo, successful fashion designer Alexandra Anagnostou, acknowledged fashion stylist Maria Troubouki and multi-awarded bartender Nikos Bakoulis talk about what motivates them and present unique artworks of high aesthetic value. The campaign’s premium content is featured through native articles, storytelling, short videos and strong social media presence.