CNN Greece: Priority to the economy!

In an era that economy constitutes top news, CNN Greece offers the Greek audience an updated category of CNN Economy. With quality original content, CNN Greece fully covers the users’ need for information and analysis regarding the crucial issue of economy and becomes a point of reference in their daily information.

From now on, in the redesigned section, the readers of CNN Greece will be able to find an abundance of information related to economy, businesses, and financial markets, as well as useful articles and analyses, always with the credibility and in-depth information that characterizes the site. CNN Economy emphasises on the importance and impact of the news in the daily lives and financial planning of its readers.

Additionally, CNN Economy, utilising the abundance of information provided by CNN International, offers a global look into the economy, providing in depth analysis, comments and insights on matters that concern all readers.

The economy category at CNN Greece, staffed by a team of acknowledged journalists, specialised in the most important areas of economy news reporting, is led by Dimitris Pefanis, Director of Financial and Business Content of DPG Digital Media. The team members combine years of experience with deep knowledge of their field, as well as the ability to provide the information in a way that is comprehendible by the reader. This team is supported by the Multimedia and Social Media team of CNN Greece, expanding the communication channels through which the brand communicates with its audience.