CNN Greece "Speaks Out" about school bullying

CNN Greece hosts a special tribute on School Bullying, raising awareness about this serious social issue that has reached alarming levels. Under the motto "RAISE: School Bullying. We speak out", the campaign, already live on CNN Greece's social media accounts, features premium content that aims to raise awareness within the public.

Experts, psychologists, and representatives of the organization "The Smile of the Child" analyze the phenomenon, while searching for its causes and presenting ways to confront it. Among numerous topics, they give answers to crucial questions that concern the Greek society, such as: "What is and what is not bullying?", "How can we recognize the signs of bullying in children?", "How can our child engage in bullying?", "How bullying spreads outside the school community?".

The campaign will continue throughout November. CNN Greece will pursue on the topic of School Bullying in the next period of time, even further highlighting the aspects of this social phenomenon.