“A Recipe for Prevention” by Queen.gr with the kind support of Affidea Group

On October, breast cancer prevention and awareness month, Queen.gr, with the kind support of Affidea Diagnostic Centers Group, has launched an awareness campaign titled “A Recipe for Prevention.

At the heart of the campaign was famous chef Lambros Vakiaros, who invited six women to a unique Masterclass. Influencers Maria Louiza Vourou, Katerina Evangelinou, Anna Prelevits, and the three editors of Queen.gr who participated were actually unaware of the true purpose of the invitation, as they only knew that they were going to attend a bread dough preparation masterclass with a healthy twist.

Based on the fact that bread dough resembles the female breast, the chef, having previously been trained by a collaborating gynecologist-breast expert of Affidea Group, demonstrated to his unsuspecting guests how they could self-examine their breasts with specific finger palpations in a clockwise direction. As they molded the dough, the participants identified “something” that wasn't visible and wouldn't have been detected otherwise—just like a suspicious finding that may relate to the early stages of breast cancer. These very simple palpations applied to the dough mimic the motions of breast self-examination. Thus, the masterclass, so simple in essence, became a recipe for prevention—a recipe for life.

The campaign is a production of DPG and is promoted through an integrated communication plan on both site and SoMe accounts of Queen.gr, while simultaneously serves as the core of the Breast Cancer awareness campaign of Affidea Group.