Discover the “Family Madness Stories” in the new Vlog of, the most reliable DPG Digital Media Group site for modern parents, welcomes the family of Stelios Hantampakis, launching the Vlog “Family Madness Stories”.

Through this new column, Stelios Hantampakis and Olga Piliaki share with the visitors of the unique moments of their daily lives when the lights of publicity turn off. Showcasing what unfolds in their daily routine, we learn all about what binds and unites them in each moment. Through the life of the #HantaFamily, the audience will be entertained, will relate, find comfort, and fall in love with the real characters unfolding in the videos. Through humor, sensitivity, and spontaneity the section invites every family to feel part of the #HantaFamily and the even greater embrace of

The Vlog will be dynamically promoted on the SoMe accounts of, TikTok and Instagram, as well as on the accounts of site's collaborators, ensuring that you won't miss a single moment of the #HantaFamily's Family Madness!