Reform, Prevention, and Health Technology on the CNN Insights’ Agenda

Reform, Prevention and Health Technology were placed in the centre of the CNN Insights’ event, organised by CNN Greece in collaboration with ACCI (Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry) on Monday, April 22. The event was opened by ACCI’s President, Mrs. Sofia Kounenaki Efremoglou, while the Deputy Minister of Health, Mr. Marios Themistocleous, presented the action plans of the Ministry of Health for the upcoming period.

During the event’s first panel, the subject of the value of health, prevention, access to innovation and medical technology was addressed. Speakers consisted of Professor of Health Economics and Social Policy of the NKUA (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens) & Academic Coordinator of MBA, Yiannis Yfandopoulos, Director of Scientific Affairs of the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies, Markos Ollandezos, General Secretary of the Greek Patients' Association, Nikos Dedes, and Head of Market Access of VIANEX, Isidoros Kougioumtzoglou.

The second panel focused on the value of prevention, as well as on the diagnostic and therapeutic solutions regarding various conditions, aiming to improve life quality. Participating in the discussion were Dr. Alexandros Lekas, surgeon urologist and andrologist, Dr. Haris Spyropoulos, general surgeon, Director of the 3rd Surgical Clinic of Metropolitan General Hospital, Christos Loubias, mastologist and breast surgeon, Scientific Director of the Athens, Kifisia, and Peristeri breast clinics of Affidea Group, Kalliopi Kalaitzi, MD of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Lifestyle Medicine at Attikon University Hospital, and Georgios Gounaris, plastic surgeon, Scientific Director of Seneca Medical Group.

Mrs. Evaggelia Koraki, President of the Hellenic Association of CROs - HACRO and CEO of CORONIS, closed the event referring to the importance of clinical trials and their role in the strengthening of the economy, research and the job market. The event was live-streamed on the webpage.